Dayforce FIT

Dayforce FIT

Dayforce FIT

Dayforce FIT is an exciting educational addition to the INSIGHTS program which takes place in advance of the official conference kickoff. This 1.5 day accelerated Dayforce product training session will be conducted in an intimate setting with dedicated attention from subject matter experts. With a maximum of 30 participants per room, you and your industry colleagues will be set up for the ultimate Dayforce training experience. Select from one of three Dayforce FIT sessions to receive training on the topic most applicable to you: Recruiting: Configuration and Management, Payroll Auditing and Year-End, and Workforce Management Configuration. Get ready to be whipped into shape with Dayforce FIT!

Why Attend:

  • Become a super user in your organization
  • Advance Dayforce skills in a short time period
  • Train in the company of qualified peers
  • Maximum of 30 people per session
  • Gain immediate, live feedback from skilled instructors
  • Build a close network of HCM industry professionals
  • Partake in an exclusive, limited learning opportunity

Who Should Attend:

  • Dayforce is currently operational within your organization
  • Must have a working knowledge of Dayforce
  • Individuals looking for a hands-on learning experience
Topic/Session Title Session Description Attendee Profile
Recruiting: Configuration and Management Want to get started using Dayforce Recruiting right away? You don’t have to wait. Join this accelerated session and learn how to configure and use Dayforce to post job requisitions, enable online applications, find the right candidates, and extend offers. Leave this session as a Dayforce Recruiting super user armed with all the skills you need to implement this product.
  • Existing user of Dayforce
  • Familiar with DF Recruiting module features
  • Understands organization’s current recruiting processes
Payroll Auditing and Year-End We all know how complex quarter and year-end processing can be. If you’re looking to go beyond processing a basic pay run and are ready to learn more, then look no further! In this session you will learn how to audit your payroll and make corrections to become your organization’s year-end guru.
  • New or existing user of Dayforce
  • Familiar with Payroll terms and concepts
  • Familiar with Dayforce Payroll
Workforce Management Configuration Knowing how Dayforce processes time transactions is the key to managing the data that appears in your timesheet. You can configure scheduling rules, time capture policies, and pay calculation policies to calculate gross pay in accordance with your operational requirements. Attend this session to learn how to update your Dayforce configuration to accommodate changes such as overtime calculations, tardy rules, or time tracking activities. You will leave feeling like a WFM superhero!
  • Existing user of Dayforce
  • Responsible for maintaining time based pay compliance in your organization


For ease of use, you will be able to use your own laptop for the Dayforce FIT sessions. This option is highly recommended since it allows you to use the device you work with on a daily basis. Please review the list of requirements below to ensure a successful Dayforce FIT experience while using your own technology.

  1. Only laptop computers can be used (no tablets)
  2. Must have Admin rights on the device
  3. Silverlight 5 must be installed
  4. Must run one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 38-52 or Safari 6.1 +
  5. Pop-up blockers must be turned off if you are using Internet Explorer

If you or your organization are unable to provide a laptop that meets the above requirements, you will have the ability to rent a laptop from INSIGHTS for $100 per day when you register for the session.

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