Optional Breakout Sessions

Optional Breakout Sessions

Want to explore the INSIGHTS sessions before you register? This year we are offering more than 130 sessions with rich content. Each session is designed to provide learning beyond only your day-to-day needs, and will focus on the insights that are valuable to your professional and personal development. Reminder: In order to actually register for a session, you must log in to your registration HERE You may be limited in your final selections based on the INSIGHTS pass you have registered for.

WED / Oct 17 – 2:45 pm

LECTURE DF202: Tips and tricks for a successful implementation

LECTURE PD105: Driving an innovative culture through neurodiversity

LECTURE DF192: How NFL teams score HCM touchdowns with Dayforce

LECTURE DF195: Future of labor: trends in WFM

LECTURE DF155: Introducing Dayforce Learning

THU / Oct 18 – 10:30 am


LECTURE DF159: Year end, year-round

LECTURE DF161: Recruiting overview : Elevate your recruitment strategy with Dayforce

LECTURE DF197: How and when to engage Ceridian Professional Services to maximize success

LECTURE DF162: Best practices for privacy, security and data retention to protect your business

LECTURE TAX102: Best practices for compliant tax filings

THU / Oct 18 – 11:45 am

LECTURE DF166: Integrating into the broader ecosystem

LECTURE DF199: Seeing the light at the end of the intermittent FMLA tunnel

LECTURE CP102: Paid sick leave: getting paid to play hooky from work

LECTURE PD107: Situational Leadership: Confessions of a micromanager (and how I learned to stop)

LECTURE DF198: Improving employee wellness with Dayforce

THU / Oct 18 – 1:30 pm

LECTURE DF176: Introduction to Succession Planning

LECTURE PD108: A new model of career exploration

LECTURE DF174: The future of pay

LECTURE DF173: An overview of the Dayforce talent suite

THU / Oct 18 – 2:45 pm

LECTURE DF203: XOXO: More than just hugs and kisses

LECTURE DF201: ROI with Dayforce

LECTURE DF181: Securing your employee records in the cloud

LECTURE PD106: The GIFT formula: How to help your people grow

LECTURE DF180: Compensation for today's world of work

LECTURE DF210: Wise Consulting: Always improving – the “wise” way to perfect processes