Dayforce FIT

Dayforce FIT

Ready, set, FIT! Are you ready for another year of Dayforce FIT? We certainly are and excited to announce we’ve expanded our FIT program this year.

These 1.5-day Dayforce product training tracks take place in advance of the official conference kickoff and will be conducted in an intimate setting with dedicated attention from subject matter experts. With a maximum of 30 participants per room, you and your industry colleagues will be set up for the ultimate Dayforce training experience. Ceridian will provide laptops for all Dayforce FIT session attendees.

Why Attend:

  • Become a super user in your organization
  • Advance Dayforce skills in a short time period
  • Train in the company of qualified peers
  • Maximum of 30 people per session
  • Gain immediate, live feedback from skilled instructors
  • Build a close network of HCM industry professionals
  • Partake in an exclusive, limited learning opportunity
  • Hands-on learning experience

** Before registering, review and verify you meet the attendee qualifications.

Please stay tuned for more details and if you have any questions please reach out to


Not ready for Advanced training, but still want to break a sweat? These introductory FIT classes will give you deep – dive training to build your skills and understanding of Dayforce that are critical to your day-to-day responsibilities.

Track: Dayforce Payroll fundamentals

Role: Payroll

  • Maintaining HR records for Payroll
    Administrators need to maintain data in the HR record in real time to ensure its accuracy, as well as understand the significance of making changes. This course discusses how to make key changes to an employee’s HR record in People and, more importantly, explains how those changes impact payroll processing.
  • Processing a simple pay run
    If you are responsible for processing payroll using Dayforce for employees in the United States, it is important to understand how the application manages payroll. In Dayforce, payroll is processed in the Payroll feature. This course provides an introduction of the Payroll feature, including how to navigate and view payroll details.
  • Processing a pay run with one-time changes and using a decision matrix for payroll corrections
    This course builds on the Processing a simple pay run course where we introduced how to process payroll in Dayforce. While it’s beneficial to begin by learning how to process a simple pay run, in a typical pay run you may also have to include one-time changes, such as additional payments and entries.

Track: Introduction to Reporting

Role: HRIS

  • Creating reports using the Report Designer
    Do you have a need to go beyond the fixed-format reports that come with Dayforce? If you do, this course will teach you how to create custom reports from Dayforce templates and topics to expand your reporting options. Using the Dayforce Report Designer, you will learn how to group and filter data, create totals, schedule reports and distribute them.
  • Creating custom fields with SQL using the Report Designer
    Do you already know how to use the Report Designer to create reports in Dayforce, but find that you need to manipulate the data in the columns on your reports? This course teaches you how to create custom fields that manipulate date and time data, reformat text, and perform arithmetic calculations on numeric data. You will use one or more Structured Query Language (SQL) functions to create an expression that displays the data you want in the custom field.
  • Module specific reporting
    Do you need to create reports related to WFM, Payroll and Benefits? During this course, we will create custom reports specific to each module and deliver best practices.

Track: Finding and retaining talent

Role: People & Culture

  • Attracting and hiring talent
    Are you responsible for finding and hiring employees for your organization? Dayforce Recruiting includes robust functionality for Recruiters and Hiring Managers to make the entire hiring process easier. In this class learn how you can create job requisitions, post jobs, manage candidates, review a list of talent to find preferred candidates, create offer letters, and hire the desired candidate all within Dayforce.
  • Managing performance and compensation
    In today’s competitive global market, many organizations are looking to leverage their most valuable resource – their people. This course describes how your organization will use Dayforce Performance features as part of the performance cycle. You will learn how to use Dayforce as both an employee and a manager to set goals, manage competencies, track progress toward goals throughout the review period, and leverage this information during the performance review and merit decision process.
  • Running company onboarding
    Onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into an organization – it is more than just completing forms and policy sign-offs. Learn why onboarding should be a focus for every organization, and what benefits your organization can see from implementing a strategic onboarding program. You will also see the process of onboarding outlined, as well as some best practices any organization should implement into their own onboarding program.

Track: Dayforce WFM kickstart for new project teams – Planning, testing, and team building for a successful implementation

Role: WFM

Don’t go it alone. Reach your Dayforce goals together. If you’ve just joined the Dayforce family, we’ve developed a Dayforce FIT training plan that will help kick-start your implementation into high gear.

  • Understanding how employees use Dayforce
    Bring your entire project team to this 3-session learning track where you’ll learn how to plan and test your Dayforce WFM configuration using day in the life scenarios. You’ll run automated tests through the Activate tool.
  • Understanding and testing Timesheets and Schedules
    Learn how to write day in the life scenarios that match your organization’s workflows and configuration and walk through a case study where you will test Time Entry, Time and Attendance, and Schedule Compliance scenarios.
  • RelateAbility
    To cap it all off, you’ll engage in team-building activities to help strengthen your team

Advanced Dayforce FIT

For all you heavy lifters, we have advanced courses to really put your Dayforce strength to the limits

Track: Payroll milestones

Role: Payroll

  • Maintaining your Payroll setup
    This course focuses on the payroll-related maintenance tasks that you will perform after your organization has gone live on the Payroll module of Dayforce. These maintenance tasks will ensure that your payroll setup remains accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with your business needs.
  • Increasing payroll efficiency
    There are many ways to perform the same payroll functions in Dayforce. We’ve identified some best practices and efficiencies to share with you.
  • Creating payroll reports
    This course explains how to create payroll reports. You will learn how to create and edit custom reports using the Report Designer.

Track: Advanced Reporting

Role: HRIS

  • Expanding Reports using the Dataset Builder
    Have you reviewed all the available reports, templates and topics, but still don’t see anything that quite suits your reporting needs? You can bring in fields from outside the topic by using the Dataset Builder. The Dataset Builder allows you to modify the topic and retrieve related fields outside of your topic from the Report Designer. Once you bring those new fields in, you will learn how to view and update the relationships.
  • Data Integration
    Learn how Dayforce interface specifications affect import and export processes, plus learn about other data integration operations such as OData and Webservices. Included in this course XML Principles, Interface Specifications, and Import and Export Principles.
  • Module specific reporting
    Do you need to create reports related to WFM, Payroll and Benefits? During this course, we will create custom reports specific to each module and deliver best practices.

Certification Track:  Minimizing the Cost of Expanding Your Organization

Role: HRIS

This course is intended for existing US customers who will be adding new sites, merging with, or acquiring a new company within the next year. You will learn how to configure legal entities, org structure, and pay groups within Dayforce to accommodate the payroll needs for the new company. Note that this course does not include modifying WFM.

Upon passing the hands-on exam, you will become a certified Mergers and Acquisitions Payroll Resource.

Leading a collaborative and adaptable workforce

Role: People & Culture

  • Building RelateAbility™
    This workshop is designed for those that seek to improve their relationships in both their personal and professional lives. Attending this workshop will result in better teamwork, increased job performance, reduced turnover and higher employee engagement amongst your team members.
  • Building AdaptAbility™
    This workshop is designed for those that seek to better equip themselves and others to handle an ever-changing work life. Attending this workshop will result in better alignment and adoption, increased productivity, improved employee communication and stronger team performance during organizational change.
  • Building LeadAbility™
    LeadAbility™ delves into the six key leadership choices that make a better leader™ as well as the twelve LeadAbilities™ that each of us can choose to develop and demonstrate. Every interaction with another person gives us the opportunity to lead – personally, professionally, and organizationally.