Training Labs

Training Labs

Hands-on labs

Build product expertise and confidence with our Hands-on labs. We will be covering a series of classroom style, interactive sessions to empower users of various Dayforce experience levels. Choose what’s right for you from a curated list of hands-on labs.

Hands-on lab sessions are two-hours and take place during the conference from October 22 – 25. There are two ways to secure a spot in one of our labs:

Conference Plus pass: Bundled conference pass, includes the INSIGHTS conference pass and access to five hands-on lab sessions (includes hardware and technology).

Pay per lab: $125 per two-hour lab session (includes hardware and technology). Please note: you can select pay-per labs when breakout session registration opens and these are not part of the early bird discounted rate.

All hands – on labs are available on a first – come, first – serve.

If you are interested in high intensity training, we offer Dayforce FIT sessions that are 1.5-day, preconference training that cover extended lessons and learning objectives.

Here is a list of sessions we plan to offer this year:

Introductory sessions

  • DF115 and DF116: Processing a simple pay run (split over 2, two-hour labs, 4 hours in total)
  • DF109: Administering employee benefits
  • DF117 and DF118: Setting up Recruiting (split over 2, two-hour labs, 4 hours in total)
  • DF110 and DF111: Creating reports using Report Designer (split over 2, two-hour labs, 4 hours in total)

Advanced sessions 

  • DF112: Creating Custom Fields with SQL using Report Designer
  • DF113: Expanding Reports using the Dataset Builder
  • DF114: Setting up timesheet parameters & time tracking requirements
  • DF119 and DF120: Defining Security and Global Settings (split over 2, two-hour labs, 4 hours in total)
  • DF121: Setting up Compensation